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Yandere Simulator: Male reader Edition
Part One
“Yamada! You are free to go!” the guard opened the door of my cell as he called out at me. I sat up stretching my sore arms. I can’t wait to get home and sleep on a real bed. I barely got any sleep on this uncomfortably hard bunk.
When I got all my stuff back they lead me to the entrance where a girl with silver hair and cold sharp gray eyes is waiting for me, her name- Megami Saikou, the Student Council President. We are good friends from school, but after I got expelled we lost contact with each other.  She looked displeased her eyes narrowed at me.
“Long time no see Megami! I am kind of surprised to see you here.” I grinned which obviously pissed her off more.
“This is the last time I bust you out of prison. I will close my eyes this time, because we are friends, but next time you are on your own.” She turns abruptly walking out of the police station. I followed her outside flipping the bird to the guard before I stepped outsid
:iconvelvetblaid:velvetblaid 21 1
Yandere Simulator: Male reader Edition
Third Person P.O.V.
When you returned inside the building you noticed something. A girl with black hair tied in a ponytail peeked in your brother’s class room. Something about her seemed odd though and you felt intimidated by her presence alone. She suddenly turned her head in your direction as if she felt your eyes on her. You looked at each other for few seconds before she turns around and hurry down the hall. That was odd you didn’t know what to think about it. It seems the girl is stalking someone and you feared it could be your brother. You peeked in the room through the glass window on the closed door. From this angle you could clearly see him, so that answered your question-she was indeed after your Taro. You decide to keep an eye on the girl to make sure no one will be harmed. After all you promised Megami to find the culprit who attempted to murder Osana.
<3 <3 <3
It was lunch time when you saw the girl again across the corridor. She was headin
:iconvelvetblaid:velvetblaid 7 0
Raynare x Dio Brando!Reader x Kalawarner - (2/4)

Powers and abilities awoken inside me by that mask. I now know who I should thank for granting me such an awe-inspiring and terrible power inside me. Maybe Yuma is someone of a special case and Issei is as well. As I move past the bodies of the priests and priestesses that once lived here, drained of their bodily fluids, I looked out towards small town of Kuoh and I could sense the presences of many moving bodies coming in different directions. Let them come, gives me more time to learn what I am truly capable of when the sun is down. That mask has given me new powers and it would seem a new complexion, my once blonde hair turning (unnatural hair color), my eyes turned red, and my skin turned even paler than it was before. Even with these powers, I still desire to protect my sister, so I shall seek her out by using the very scent she wears.
~ORC Building~
Asia POV
I held the very mask that turned my brother into the creature like Gasper; a v
:iconpopdood:popdood 19 7
Old world Blues pt. 1
The great war had ended when the bombs fell, engulfing the world in nuclear fire. Nearly 300 years later civilization was slowly rebuilding itself. In the East of what was formerly known as the United States of America, the Brotherhood of Steel wrestled control from the Enclave in the capital wasteland, they formed a new government there, nearly eliminated the super mutant threat, as well as the ghouls and other abominations caused by the radiation. Over the past 30 years however, the super mutants had been gathering, forming an army, planning to take control of the capital wasteland once more. In response to this the Brotherhood recruited every able bodied man, woman, and child into it's army, giving them training, and providing the best of them with suits of power armor. You were one of those people. Recruited into the brotherhoods ranks at the age of 13, and given a suit of power armor at the age of 15 after proving your abilities. That same year the super mutant army attacked, they
:iconsomething-punny:something-punny 15 5
The Tiger and his Shiela pt1/2
It was a normal day at Beacon Academy, and it was lunch time, the cafeteria was quite crowded with all tyhe students enjoying their lunch or talking about classes and other things, amongst that throng of students was a shy Bunny Faunus named Velvet Scarlatina who had sat down in her seat and was eating her food, however she was far from relaxed as she was surrounded by team CRDL, a group of first year bullies that seemed to have it out for any and all Faunus.
Russel was in front of her mocking her ears with his hands as he stuck his tongue out at her, making Cardin, Dove and Sky laugh at her misery, close to tears Velvet stood up and went to walk away when she felt a pain in her long, brown bunny ear, she was forcefully turned and she saw that Cradin was pulling on her ear painfully.
"OW, That hurts!" she called out, catching the attention of a few other students sitting close by, however much to her dismay none of them stood up to help her.
"Please stop..." she begged as Cardin gave a
:iconazureman136:Azureman136 20 19
RWBY AU: Death Note Male Reader Insert. Prologue
THIS MEANS THINKING. This is an alternate universe in RWBY. This is just after Death Note ends in the anime. So… yeah.  Comment down below if you would like to see me continue this. I would be happy to continue writing this and posting more chapters in the future.
Bordom. That’s what has been consuming me for as long as I can remember. This has been my life for the past seventeen going into eighteen years. Absolute boredom. There’s more than just the Grimm nowadays too. There’s more, way more.
I’m currently sitting in Professor Port’s class in Beacon Academy. Since it’s my first class of the day, it’s my homeroom.  In all honesty I could’ve got accepted into Atlas instead of Beacon due to it having a far more superior curriculum then any of the four kingdoms, but Beacon was closest I guess. Maybe that was an excuse to stay close to my family, who knows? I’m surprised these schools are even still in commission
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 17 38
Hinata Hyuga x M!Reader Ch.17
You woke up after feeling a light rocking. You opened your (E/c) eyes and saw you were over someone’s shoulder and your head was down their back. Both of your arms were tightly tied to your sides and your legs were tied together as well so you wouldn’t be able to use them at all, either to fight or to form hand signs to preform your Jutsus. You recognized the red vest that was under you and realized you had been taken by the old man who was traveling with Naruto.
Putting together where you were now, you slowly started to remember the last few moments of what had happened before you were knocked out. The old man was able put Itachi and Kisame in a position that all they could do was run away. You weren’t as upset as you thought you’d be remembering Itachi’s words to you before you passed out.
“When the time comes, the Akatsuki will find you again.”
You ducked your head down as you wondered how long that would be.
Since it wouldn’t do you a
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 33 13
Hunter male reader x rwby part 3
I stood in front of the four females with eclipse behind me keeping a close feeler on them,I stood there with my weapon in hand getting ready for anything.
Red head: we don't want to hurt you just put the weapon down.
White hair: ruby it just knocked out our teacher.
I growled at her and threw a throwing knife at her and quickly hopping on eclipse and had her throw dust at them with her wings once the dust cleared we were out of their sites. I'm not trusting anyone here as we flew I noticed a shop. I had eclipse fly down and rest while i walked in and looked around, I looked at what seemed to a some kind of outfit i picked it out and payed for it. After paying for it i put on my new outfit (think of it as Jack sparrows outfit from pirates of the Caribbean) I walked to eclipse and hopped on heading to a near area so we could hide until I get to know this place better and since no one saw my face I can walk threw with no one disturbing me.
Short and possibly not good once I end this seri
:iconmiragemc1:miragemc1 7 0
RWBY - Spellbound (Reader X Glynda)
(YN).     your name
(WN).    weapon name
(PN).     pistol name
(SPN).   second pistol name
(DN).     daughter's name
'Crash’ 'Shatter’
This was the sound of emptied whiskey bottles hitting the wall of a small Vale apartment. An apartment belonging to one (YN) Torchwick, who was sitting on a couch in a drunken stupor.
Why is he like this you ask? Well it started about a month ago.
(YN)'s PoV
I thought I hit the jackpot when I met my girlfriend, Cinder, but I couldn't have been more wrong.
Cinder Fall, the one person to see past my and my brother's bullshit, was amazing. She put up with Roman and his arrogance, and took me on as an apprentice. She taught me to use Dust in its purest form, and gave me a reason to keep going, a beautif
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 33 8
Hinata Hyuga x M!Reader Ch.16
After running from the village, you kept up with Itachi and Kisame as they ran after their target, Naruto. The three of you finally stopped when you reached a cliff and saw your former teammate walking on the path below you with a tall old man with long white hair. You sat on the ledge and played with Yang as she tangled herself around the fingers of your left hand while waiting for Itachi and Kisame to decide on what they’d do next.
Kisame: To think the brat would have someone like him as a bodyguard. Even if it’s the two of us, I don’t see us winning.
Itachi: Bringing in more numbers won’t help either. To think we’d have to take on a Sanin.
He sighed as he watched Naruto walking alongside the old man. However, what Itachi called the old man just now got your attention.
(Y/n): Hey, did you just say that guy down there is a Sanin? As the Legendary Ninja, the same as my dad?
Kisame: Oh yeah, Orochimaru’s one of them too. Heh, I always forget why we
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 34 25
RWBY x Male Reader: The Warping Armory
You were currently running in a warehouse, why were you running you may ask, well after a certain cat faunas named Blake Belladonna decided to leave the White Fang you started planning to leave as well hoping to encounter because you were good friends with her, you applied to Beacon and you got in but you knew that the White Fang would not allow you to attend so your making a run for it being chased by some grunts along the way, you could have just teleported out of the warehouse with one of your two semblances but you decided to have a little fun.
WF Grunt #1: You will regret this!
(Y/N): I'm pretty sure i won't!
WF Grunt #2: How are gonna find who killed your family!
(Y/N): I can find that out on my own you dumbasses!
You stopped and turned around and used you second semblance which allowed you to conjured any weapon or armor and made a (F/C) cannon (think of your weapons looking like the scythe Goku Black makes just your favorite color).
A (F/C) canno
:iconmatttherowlet:MattTheRowlet 24 8
Raynare x Dio Brando!Reader x Kalawarner - (1/4)

You thought it would be with Rias and Akeno, but it was them, Raynare and Kalawarner!
Issei…the bane of my existence. No matter how hard I try, I always see that smug face of yours smiling. No matter how I try to ruin his life, Issei is always happy. Did I not turn his friends and women that he adores against him at Kuoh Academy? Whatever it is, I’ll make sure to take it away from him. As I walked to my humble abode, I heard steps coming closer to me in a rapid pace and I saw that it was my sister, Asia with her blonde locks flowing in the wind and her smiling face. I do not like her choice in trying to win over Issei’s affection and I would much prefer that she choose…anyone else other than him and his former pervy friends, as I gave them tips on what women like and how to act in front of them and, despite their ugly exterior, their inside emotions are what counts.
Asia: Hello, Nii-san!
Y/n: Asia.
Asia: Are you going
:iconpopdood:popdood 31 22
RWBY : Remnant's Reaper Ch. 1

This is the cover picture for this story, drew by yours truly. 
Now, onto the story. Hope you enjoy~
Chapter 1: The new arrivals
Oh, it's you again. Welcome back.
Since we're here, how about another little history lesson? Let me tell you, about the first people to roam Remnant.
Don't worry, I'll keep this brief.
Man, originally born from dust, was strong, wise and resourceful. However, he was born into a cruel and unforgiving world. As soon as man came to be, an inevitable darkness, had lured over him.
Remember the creatures of Grimm? They had set their sights on man and all of his creations.
And soon enough, the two forces clashed. But the darkness seemed intent on e
:iconshadeakami:ShadeAkami 12 23
CaesarZeppeli!Reader x Weiss Schnee (1/3)

The first death in anime that ever got to me.
Third Person POV
Ruby: New teammate?
Ozpin: Yes, although he won’t be apart of the Vytal Festival, I checked with him to see if it was okay that he wasn’t able to participate, since being in a team of already four people, and he didn’t mind.
Yang: Where’s the guy at?
Ozpin: He should be at a café in Vale. You’ll know him when you see him, trust me.
As Team RWBY caught a bullhead and came into the main square of Vale, Ozpin never specified which café it was, so RWBY split up, one girl for one café and Weiss went to a crowded one, filled with people drinking coffee or eating bagels or both, depends on the person. To seem inconspicuous, she sat down at a table and looked at them menu, partly because she was hungry as well and it was lunch time, so she might as well get some food.
???: This café used to be a place of class and refinement, but lately, they jus
:iconpopdood:popdood 23 24
The Grimm King(RWBY X Male Reader)
The First Encounter pt.2
Reader's Armor:
Reader's Grimm Form:
Suddenly,the other members of Team CRDL  are running the other way from the direction of the roar.
Russel: (Looking back) Ursa!Ursa!
As he is running he accidentally runs into the blonde bombshell herself,Yang Xiao Long.
Yang, completely unfazed by his collision, picks him up by the front of his shirt.
Russel: (still running in the air and struggling  but pointing at the direction they came from)Back there!It's got Cardin!
Phyrra: (drops jar)Jaune!
Ruby:Yang! you and Blake,go and get Professor Goodwitch!
Both girls nod and run off to get the professor.
Phyrra: (To Ren and Nora) You two, go with them! There could be more!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Cardin is trying to flee from the Ursa,
:iconluisfranisawesome101:LuisFranIsAwesome101 20 6
Kali Belladonna x Kakyoin!Reader - My Emerald

My body was laying on something soft, but I couldn’t recognize what it was off the top of my head…was it a bed or was I lying on some grass? Maybe it was a person, but I slowly opened my eyes to see the sun’s oranges and yellows in the sky of Remnant and I woke up in an unfamiliar house. Where am I? All I can remember is being left on the shores somewhere to die to exposure or to bleeding out. I tried to sit up, but I felt immediate pain, but managed to do it and saw that my torso and forearms were wrapped up. I also smell a nice meal and look over to the table beside my bed and saw that there was chicken soup, so I took the spoon and started taking a couple of sips and attempt to stand, but I landed on my knees, so I used the wall as support to move across the room, as I see my long-sleeved shirt and trench coat hung up over my boots, but I hear the wooden door open and out came a cat faunas dressed formally like in fe
:iconpopdood:popdood 38 12



86 deviations
break dancer
boots made of steel and is resistent to fire to avoid being melt and a a double barrel shotgun for heels and a hidden knife in the front part
The Decaying
a scythe with a grimm skull, because of the grimm skull it give a special effect that any grimm it touches decay quickly
as well as the bullets it shoots has the same effect able to shoot rapidly at a range of 5000 meters because of constant moding and testing



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Merry chrismas guys and gal for in midnight its chrismas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁


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