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Saving A Cold Heart (Slave Weiss x Reader)
I was sitting patiently for a friend of mine would come visit my house for personal business that that we're going to take care soon. Although the way I do my work is... not the most normal way to do it, for you see, I'm a blind assassin. But, I can see with in a peculiar way. I can essentially see the outline of people and objects around and if I focus hard enough, I can see through walls with it.
Moments later, I heard a knock on the front door. I held my cane tightly and gave a hard tap against the floor with it, giving me the layout of my home. I stand up from my chair and walk towards the door. Once I reach it, I gave another tap with my cane, and I saw a silhouette behind it. I open it, so I can see a bit more clearer, and noticed another figure behind the first silhouette.
“Greetings (F/n),” said Sky, one of my men.
“Sky? What are you doing here? I not expecting you for business for a while,” I said in a confused tone.
“I'm aware of that, boss. But
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 52 20
Bloody Good (Bayonetta x Male!Reader x Jeanne)
 Created by a challenge from a fellow deviant. In this fic, reader is a vampire warlock as well. Enjoy!
 Bayonetta (c) Platinum Games
 You (c) yourself
 (H/c)-hair color
 (Y/n)-your name
He woke up with a headache, growling in frustration as he rubbed his temples. He scanned about the room with his red eyes, glimpsing where he was. He jumped upon the sight of a man behind a counter, with rows of various drinks.
 He glanced around to see he was in some sort of bar, the walls and ceiling composed of some strange rocky material. The table he was sitting at was black cold steel. The countertop before him where the bar laid had neon red lights glowing with a picture of what looked like a woman and the words, "The Gates of Hell".
 He winced upon the sign. Was he dead? He could of sworn all his life...
 "Relax, kid," the figure behind the counter said. "You're not dead. Yet."
 He frowned. "How?" he said, confused. "This isn't
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 90 10
You Watanabe x Male Reader pt. 1
 You were swimming in the ocean looking for sea shells. You couldn't find any at all so you were about to ascend to the surface until you saw one. Then you went to the surface to breathe and then went back to down to retrieve it. As you swam towards it you look around to see fish and plants. As you placed your hand on shell another hand met with yours. You looked to see a girl with short grey hair and ocean blue eyes.
 Both of you locked eyes then she, as your heart skipped a beat. She then pointed up to the surface so you can both get air. You grabbed the shell as you swam up to the surface with her. You then breathed for air as she did. Both of you then swam towards the sand to dry up.
"Nice find! I was also looked for sea shells as well," She said with a smile.
"O-Oh thanks i always try to collect sea shells whenever i go to the beach."
"I'm Yū by the way, what's your name?"
"I'm (f/n)"
You were shaking since you forgot to bring a towel with you. She then
:iconthecrimsontyrant:TheCrimsonTyrant 9 2
Shiho Suzui x Male!Reader - Rainy Day Dream Away

Shiho POV
I’m so sick of it all. I can’t take this anymore. I want all of this to stop, the abuse, the sexual abuse, everything that has Kamoshida’s name all over it. I don’t want Ann to keep covering for me by sacrificing what she has and being talked about behind her back and I want to stop lying to her about what’s actually going on.
I want someone to hear my cries and pleas for help…
I know it’s something I can’t do anymore, I’m… I’m too far gone… but I have to try all avenues before I’m driven to the deep end. I need to sleep or at least, try to sleep. What Kamoshida does to me… that never escapes my mind… I attempt to ease myself into bed, minding the injuries I have.
In my dreams, I see nothing but a vast void of white and nothing else. I started to wander about, curious of where my nightmares went and in doing so, I found a fountain with water being
:iconpopdood:popdood 32 17
The Hellblazer's son ch.2

The world could use some help
A friendly reminder of the Sun, wind blowing calmly upon the trees as well as the relaxing sound of the sea
Those were the sounds that greeted you almost every morning during your stay on the magical island known as Themyscira
While you spent the first seven years of your life in places like the Tower of Fate and the House of Mystery, you spent the rest of it (until now, at least) in numerous visits to this place
The light made its presence in your room, informing you, that the day had finally arrived
You: ... Hell no
You turned around, away from the sunlight in an attempt to get more sleep.
However, the door to it opened to reveal one of the first people you befriended once you got to live in Paradise Island: Artemis of Bana Mighdall
She had red hair, green eyes, and a rough attitude, to say the least
Artemis: Y/N, the queen requests your presence, now
She heard an annoyed groan in response
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 19 8
Male reader x kale 1/3
You are a universe 6 saiyan but unlike the others you too can go to blue after years of training from vados. But the thing about your past is that at a young age you lost your parents to frost that was when you were five. Other time you've grown up on the run and what people call you a street rat,that was until vados came and adopted you.
Right now you stood in front of Kale Califuia and Cabba in the middle of the tournament of power. You looked on in shock to see Hit being eliminated in seconds, just how strong is Jiren. You shook out of your shocked phase and walled off from the three.
Cabba: where are you going y/n?
Y/n: this is still a tournament search for an oppenent and get to work.
Y/n walked away from the three with kale worried out y/n over time she came to care about the saiyan and worry about him.
Y/n looked over to see frieza hitting cabba with emporor death beams. Y/n rushed over and blocked most of them and looked back at cabba seeing his damage state.
Y/n: you
:iconmiragemc1:miragemc1 21 2
Red vs Blue male reader insert part 6
Chapter 6
You had gotten back from the mission a little after the rest of the team, time in which A'rynasea managed to decrypt some of the files you had grabbed from the computer. Mostly notes and a recording of the birth of Delta, one of the AI fragments the freelancers were utilising. You still needed more details about the process before you could draw a conclusion.
On the other hand the profiles you had downloaded were proving to be more useful. Not only was there information not mentioned in the public profiles, but also other notes, the most interesting being the twins and, surprisingly, Carolina.
She was, turns out, the director's daughter and her AI was Sigma. And apparently, judging by the notes it had some purpose for a bigger experiment. However, no details about what kind of experiment were there. As for the twins, they were going to be the first you'd see.
The hangar was full of staff members, running maintenance on ships and refueling them. A group approach
:icongreeng3m:Greeng3m 2 0
Just Different (Nyo BTT X Outcast Male Reader) P3
The third and final part of my Nyo BTT X Reader.
If you haven't checked out the first two parts, then please do.
This is not a lemon. Though it dose get a little sugestive at the end. :P
First a little recap. You are (F/N) Braginski, the fraternal twin of Anya Braginski. Three years ago you moved away from your family, and you've been isolated from everyone at school for a long time. Now after being alone for so long, you have three wonderful friends. Three amazing girls that you would do anything for, and who would do anything for you. Well history class is over, time for the story. :)
Part three: Sharing
Third Person POV:
Buzz!, Buzz!, Buzz! (F/N) was startled from his slumber by his perimeter alarm. Unintelligible grumbles came from (F/N) as he checked the security moniters, and he was supprised to see Julchen and the rest of 'The BTT' at his door. "(F/N)!, were here to walk with you to school, and we brought breakfast
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 82 43
Just Different (Nyo BTT X Outcast Male Reader) P2
Part two of my multi-part Hetalia story. :)
If you havent read the first one please do.
Just a little recap: You are (Y/N) Braginski, the fraternal twin of Anya Braginski. For the longest time you were rather alienated by the rest of the student body, but about five weeks ago Julchen Beilschmit showed you an act of kindness. After that, and some shenannaigans you now have some friends. Well enough reminicing about the past.
Part 2: Careing
Third POV:
"Nikolai!" (F/N) yelled as he chased his brother around the park next to the academy. "NO!" "Nikolai!" "NO!" "Would you just!" "NO!" (F/N) was getting irratated at his younger brother, so he dicided to use a different tactic. "HI ANYA!" (F/N) yelled at the top of his lungs, causing Nikolai to stop in his tracks to look for his sister. With Nikolai distracted (F/N) took his chance to restrain his little brother. "Let me GO!" Nikolai shouted while shooting a murderous glare at
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 61 24
Training (Wii Fit Trainer X Male Reader)
With one vote its a Wii Fit Trainer X Reader. :D
Third Person POV:
"A new challenger has arrived!" Ryu, Mega Man, and Meta Knight all looked over to the arrival platform to see a guy with (H/L/C) hair and (E/C) eyes beam in. "Hi new guy." Mega Man said as the three walked up to him. "It's nice to meet the three of you. I'm (F/N)" Meta Knight raised an eyebrow under his mask. "Weren't you supposed to be available when the game launched?" "Yeah but some things came up, and I got reassigned to DLC." "I don't think I've heard of you before. What kind of moves do you use?" Ryu asked with a smile. "Thats 'cause my game hasn't been released yet, and I'm a brawler." "Well then how about we have a sparring match?" "I would but I just got out of the data hospital, and I'm not at one hundred percent. I was instructed to meet a Miss. ...Wii Fit Trainer.?" Ryu looked at Mega Man and Meta Knight. "Who?" "You know the pale chick that no
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 96 33
Mature content
Rabbit (Nyo BTT X Shy Male Reader) :iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 69 45
Harmonic Heart (Chapter 2)
Chapter 2 -Arriving at Beacon-
"The Bullhead is at the entrance of the city," said Rogue as we're reaching the edge of the city.
Once we're close, I had a feeling of being watched and I had a good idea who it could be.
"Ehm...give me a moment, alright? I need to do something," I said walking towards one of the building.
OnceI reached inside one of the ruined buildings, I started to look around. After about ten minutes I found her. I found Echo.
(A/n: Image belongs to Sting-raptor from DeviantArt)
"Hello big girl," I said as I started petting the many heads of the small Hydra Grimms, about the size of a bike.
"So that's what you needed to do?" said a voice behind me.
I turn around and saw professor Port, Rogue and Nickel watching me pet the Grimm.
"Is that thing your pet?" Rogue asked.
"In a way, yes. She kind of finds me every once in a while and I take care of her," I explained.
"Huh, I always thought that the Grimm Hydras were a my
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 13 6
Male!Reader x Belarus - Pulled Ch. 3
       When (f/n) reaches Natalia’s room, he notices her already inside and about to slam the door on his face. He puts his foot in the doorway only for him to hiss in pain as the door collides with his foot with a harsh force. Glaring at her, he sees her merely grin before glaring back at him.
       “What the hell’s got you so twisted up?” He asks as he pushes against the door.
       “You and your stupid ramblings,” she answers, letting him enter her room for a moment’s time. “You do not know how to shut up. My brother feels suspicious of you.”
       He instantly realizes the seriousness as she states that. Thinking over what he has said during the day, he sighs with a nod. “I’ll try harder, okay? It’s difficult acting like you don’t know someone when you do. Even if they don’t know you.”
:iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 7 1
Taiga Aisaka x Male Reader - The Gates Of Hell P2
Minori: So, what can you tell us about The Gates Of Hell?
You and the two girls had just entered the drainage system. The tunnel lead to the right so that’s the way you proceeded, you used your flashlight to look around.
(Y/N): Well legend has it that people go missing in these tunnels, Since the tunnels are just that huge in size. But due to earthquakes and landslides most of the tunnels have been blocked of, so there’s not much to explore. But I’ve heard from people that there’s some sort of Cult down here
Taiga: Cult?
(Y/N): Yeah, people who serve the Devil
Taiga: then why the hell are we coming down here?
(Y/N): Because I want to see if it’s true
You were coming up to a crossroads.
Minori: This is probably the craziest thing you’ve ever done
(Y/N): Nah, the craziest thing I’ve done is when you pushed me off the school roof into the pool while I was in a trolley
Minori: Oohh hehe I remember that
When you walked up to the crossroads you stopp
:iconmalereaderlord:MaleReaderLord 12 2
Nao Sadatsuka x Male!Demon Lord!Reader: Cute Witch
You walked casually through the halls of Totsuki Teahouse Culinary Academy, overlooking most of the students and even watching a few as they trained. You were not a student yourself per say, you were just incognito, roaming the halls to find "The One" the one that would serve you. Yes, you were a Demon Prince who had control over multiple corners of Hell and was even in favor with Satan. Yet, you were lonely...Sure you had friends in the various creatures and demons who inhabited the lands of Hell but you needed that special someone...Yes, the one that would share your love and be their with you and make you happy. And you would make them happy as well, because they would be your "One". Suddenly, you noticed a girl with black hair spying on someone from a tree, you had keen eyesight and could see it was a girl with blonde hair but your attention was on the black haired one. You decided to greet her...and by that, you walked up the tree because physics did not apply to Demon Lords
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 9 2
Harmonic Heart, Cheater RWBY x Reader (Prologue)
The wind blew through the broken buildings at the southeastern part of the city. This was known as the ruined part of the city, left to be abandoned and let time take it's toll on the buildings until there's nothing left but rubble. The wind blew back my long, black jacket as I look over what's left of the city. I heard some howls in the distant from Beowulfs, calling for their herd.
“Time to have some fun,” I said as I took a few steps backwards.
Then, I started to run towards the edge of the building and jumped off of it and land on the next to it. Just as I land on the roof, I somersaulted to prevent any damage on my legs and continue until I found the group of Beowulfs.
“Two alpha Beowulfs and seventeen smaller Beowulfs. This might be fun after all,” I said as I activated my weapons Eden and Azazel.
Both area, what I call, wild cards weapons. (A/n: the weapon is similarly structured as hidden blade from Assassin's
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 13 15



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