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An Outsider: Finale| Nyo!America x M!State!Reader
An Outsider: Finale.
Note: I don't own the Hetalia and all rights belong to their respective owners.
WARNING: Please be aware that this fanfiction will might have some errors, misspellings, mentions of suicide, depression, and poor grammar.

America's Point of View
This can't be happening.
"(S/n)...?" I whispered with disbelief.
I slowly walk towards the body and only to find out that my suspicion has come true. That body belongs to (S/n), laying dead with blood coated all over him. "(S/N)!!! No, no, no!"
"Amelia-san, where are you going!?" Japan asked worryingly.
I rushed over to (S/n)'s body with all of my might despite the sand slowing me down, I run ahead and pray to any damn gods out there that (S/n) is still alive. When I got closer to him my heart stops beating for a second.  
"(S-S/n)?" I whispered again.
His body was dismantled to all hell and the smell of blood was too much for me. His limbs were disjointed, both of his legs were stomped on multipl
:iconsolarxblack:SolarxBlack 9 1
Legend of the Dragon Destroyer - Chapter 1

I planned this to be a love triangle thing, but I need one more person because I decided on Asia because Asia is mai waifu.
Asia Argento x Male!Dracoslayer!Reader x ???: Legend of the Dragon Destroyer - Chapter 1
I looked upon the new place where I would learn. At least dragon dad had my school records and grades transferred from (hometown) to here at least, so I don’t get an easy start. That’s fine, I guess. I walked the front yard of the academy in my previous school’s uniform which consisted of a nice, silk (f/c) collared shirt with a (animal) blazoned on it, black slacks and black dress shoes. There was a blazer that came with it, but it was nice outside, so I decided not to bring it and I could hear the whispers of students as I walked to the building.
Female Student 1: Who’s the new kid?
Female Student 2: I don’t know, but I hope he’s single.
Male Student 1: Nice bracele
:iconpopdood:popdood 14 30
Kagura Mikazuchi x Male Reader: Part TWO - New Job
If you would like to see more, please leave a watch, favourite, and comment! ^^
(F/N)'s first day was going... Exactly as expected; Poorly. In fact, he hadn't even made it out of the dressing rooms yet.
(F/N): "Get your... Hands off of... ME!!"
Kagura: "If you... Just accept that this is happening... Then we wouldn't have to do this!"
All of this was due to the fact that (F/N) didn't want to wear a dress. All sides were physically struggling to get their own way, however, the Mermaid Heel mages were definitely coming out on top.
(F/N), due to working for a female-only guild, was being forced to wear a (Colour) dress, and a (length + colour) wig. The bottom portion of his body wasn't important, since he was behind a bar all day, so he could wear whatever he usually wore.
Kagura and Milliana were behind, at either side of, (F/N) holding his arms behind his back whilst Araña was desperately trying to fit the dress on him.
(F/N): "Why won't you at least... Let me... Dress mys
:iconmessorem9:messorem9 16 6
FFXV: Aranea Highwind x Male Reader

Chapter 1: The Astral Guardian
You were driving along the rode to Hammerhead in your Mustang 69'. The car you and Cindy built together. You were currently paying attention to the rode when the music on your phone changed to (Favorite Song). 
??: Ugh, stop this song!
You turned your head to see the woman in your passenger seat kick her feet up on your dashboard while she was leaning her head a bit outside of the window. The woman you spoke of was 20 years of age , long blond hair, green eyes. She wore simple jeans and combat boots with a blue jacket. Under that jacket was white collared button up shirt. This young woman was your Guardian. 
When you mean Guardian, The 6 Gods , had multiple servants. Ranging from messengers to Guardians. The woman next to you, her name was Saber and she was sent from one of the Six Gods to protect you. She wouldn't reveal who though. You've known Saber since you were a kid and she also ages the same like huma
:iconanoraan:Anoraan 15 22
Blood Diamonds Pt. 4
Sorry if things are slow.... It's summer got pete's sake.
Story Time
You and Weiss take a little walk down Vale. Passing shops, restaurants, and apartments. Until you come across this little car shop the said “Tommy’s Auto”.
You: “Here let’s head in.”
You walk in with Weiss close behind you. You walk through the auto shop and towards a man with heavy Italian features. He looks up from his desk as he sees you walk through.
Tommy: “(Y/n)! It’s good to see you again.”
You: “You too Tommy. Is she ready?”
Tommy: “She’s revved upped and good to go.”
You: “Thank you Tommy.”
You hand him a gold coin and he just waves it off.
Tommy: “For you it’s always on the house.”
You: “Thanks Tommy.”
You get into your (Year) (Model) (Car/Brand). You open the seat for Weiss to get in. She get’s in and Tommy leans on the open window of your seat.
:icondrkaboom2:DrKaboom2 16 6
Kagura Mikazuchi x Male Reader: Part ONE - New Job
This takes place directly after the Tartaros Arc.
You can make requests in the comments, but only Fairy Tail please.

A few weeks had passed since the dissolution of Fairy Tail, and whilst many members were having success moving on from the guild, the same couldn't be said about the rest of them.
(Full name) was one of many who had found it difficult to move on, and although he had offers from many guilds across Fiore, he simply found it too difficult to move on from something that had given him everything.
He even refused to remove the Fairy Tail guild emblem from his right arm.
However, things weren't TOO bad for (First name), as he had almost immediately acquired a job as a bartender in a rather run-down old bar on the outskirts of Magnolia. Yes, the place smelled awful; yes, the pay was absolute garbage; and yes, the only house that he could afford was also old and run down, but looking past all of that he found a welcome distraction from Fairy Tail.
(F/N): "Finally, it's cl
:iconmessorem9:messorem9 22 29
Mature content
Revy x Male Reader :iconmetrofairy:MetroFairy 14 1
Ogre-Sized Love - Tionishia x S!M!R!
(A/N: This is a request by Zenturion231.)
(Note: I do not own Monster Musume or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

Ogre-Sized Love - Tionishia x Shy! Male! Reader!
3rd Person P.O.V.:
A man with (H/C) hair was walking towards the checkout with a cart of groceries. This man is known as (Y/N) (L/N). His (E/C) eyes were showing that he was stuck in his own thoughts. While he was standing in line, he started to think about a conversation he had on the phone earlier that day.
(Y/N) was sitting in his chair in the living room, flipping through the channels. After another couple seconds of not finding anything to watch, his phone started to ring. (Y/N) looked at his phone and, thanks to caller ID, answered the phone with a slight smile.
(Y/N): H-Hey, S-Smith.
Smith: Hello, (Y/N). Still as shy as ever I see.
Smith and (Y/N) knew each other for some time now. They both met during high school and quickly became friends. They kept in touch during a
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 25 19
Akame ga Kill: The True Heir - Kill the Peace
(A/N: Alright. I forgot to say something in my other story. If I get 5/9 of one answer, then that's good enough. I just picked 9 in case there were some people who did want a season 2 and some people who didn't and then I wouldn't have an even amount of both answers. Anyway, to the story!)
(Note: I do not own Akame ga Kill or its characters. This is just a fan fiction for fun. Enjoy.)

Akame ga Kill: The True Heir - Kill the Peace
(Y/N) P.O.V.:
My eyes slowly fluttered open and I looked around, finding myself in my room at the Night Raid base. I stood up from my bed and almost fell over but I used my chair for support. I put my hand on the wall to support me and walked out of my room. I heard voices from the dining room so I walked up to the door and was about to open it but Akame opened it before I could and looked at me.
Akame: I was about to check on you. What are you doing out of bed?
(Y/N): (I got lonely.)
Akame: No you didn't.
(Y/N): (I literally just woke up and I walked o
:icongiantm137:GiantM137 8 0
Stand Together: Chapter 4
(Blake Belladonna X Male Stand User Reader)
(Y/N)-Your name, (E/C)-eye color, (H/C)-hair color, (H/L)-hair length, (S/C)-skin color, (F/C)-favorite color, (S/N)-stand name
Stand Stats listed below
Destructive Power: A
Speed: A
Range: C
Durability: B
Precision: B
Developmental Potential: B
Stand Power: Fix anyone or anything’s condition and may use the power to actually worsen condition if the user wanted to.
Later that Day
(Y/N) spent the entire lunch period introducing Polnareff and Jolyne to Team RWBY and Team JNPR. At the same time, he asked Polnareff if he needs him to heal his eye, legs, and arm again. To he said ‘don’t bring that day up again, please’. Currently, (Y/N) was in his room with Blake reading their favorite books. Occasionally, he would glance at her book and think to himself that she is into some weird books. Since th
:iconryoto143:ryoto143 7 4
Hinata Hyuga x M!Reader Ch.5
After your match with Haku you were able to convince Kakashi to let you train with the Binding Snake Glare Summoning. At first you doubted that he would let you train since everything involving your dad had to remain a secret, but after seeing the potential in its use he let you train with the Naruto and the others as your partners.
The expressions Kakashi made while trying to decide on your training told you everything you need to know. He limited his body language and his uncovered eye focused on you as if he were trying to look through you. Eventually he ended up using you to help train the others with their Chakra control by having you chase them as they dashed through the trees while avoiding your capture.
The first one you captured was Sakura and she instantly started screaming once the snake you summoned had trapped her in its body. As usual she screamed for Sasuke to save her from you. She was far too noisy so you simply let her go if all she was going to do was scream.
:icontaga-kun:Taga-kun 36 7
Presence (M!Reader x Kurumi) Part 4
She took my hand and drag me away.
(y/n) : Kurumi?!
Kurumi : since we're dating we should hold hands!
(y/n) : i-... ummm *smile* alright
I walked beside her holding her hands. She looked happy although for a moment there her face was suprised. Aside from that my face is totally blushing, we're actually dating and on top of that we're holding hands!
Kurumi : you seems to be well
(y/n) : hmm? What do you mean?
Kurumi : oh my... did you already forget?
(y/n) : about what?
Kurumi : my heart flutters you know, you... jumped in front of me~ protecting me~ like a hero that in the books~
(y/n) : oh! About that, yeah since i have regenerating power it wasn't a big deal
Kurumi : is that so....
She fell silent for a moment then stop walking. She looks at my eyes directly. My heart beats faster as her orbs met mine.
Kurumi : so where do we want to go first?
Oh that what she meant... but I didn't knew where to go, i date her so suddenly which means i haven't think about our dating plan. But luckly
:iconmrgalco:MrGaLcO 14 17
Konan x Uchiha!M!Reader

Narrator's P.o.V
"Wh-Who are you?" You asked holding your wound.
"It wouldn't hurt to tell you since you're going to bleed out anyway. I am none other than Madara Uchiha." The masked man says as his sharingan shines in the moonlight.
"No, Madara is long dead. You can't be. Why are you killing the Uchiha?" 
"This wasn't my idea alone. Itachi Uchiha came to me and requested my aid. So I guess you could say it's nothing personal. Just business right?" Madara then leaves you to bleed out.
"Madara...Itachi...I'll kill you both." You say as you feel your eyes changing. It feels the same as when you unlocked your Sharingan, but only more intense. You went to wipe the tears from you eyes to find it wasn't tears but instead crimson blood. "Could this be...Mangekyo Sharingan?"
You took out a kunai and held it away from your face. You began to concentrate your chakra into the blade until it burst into flames. You let it burn for a while before
:iconjotose:Jotose 60 15
F!Naruto/Naruko x M!Reader

"Okay class, today we have a new student. He's moved here from the Hidden Sand, so make him feel welcome." Iruka said walking in with you following him. "Okay then, introduce yourself please."
"I'm (F/n)." you said glaring into the class for potential rivals.
"I'm guessing that's it, you can take a seat next to Naruko." As Iruka said that everyone gave a disgusted look to the blonde with an empty seat next to her.
The entire class she seemed tense. Maybe it was because you're from a different village. "I'm (F/n)." you said extending your hand for a shake
"N-Naruko Uzumaki." she said back as she shook your hand.
After class ended you saw everyone leaving with their parents but Naruko. You shrugged this off and thought nothing of it as you walked home. That was until you heard a yell and a cry for help.
"Who are asking for help? Nobody is going to save the demon dead-last." one boy said pushing her off the swing, his other two friends laughing.
"I'll s
:iconjotose:Jotose 68 11
Male!Youtuber!Reader x D.Va - Chapter 2

Yt/n: Joe, Rambo is pretty…rough…
Angry Joe: Yeah, why do you think I hate this fucking game?!
I watched their stream and they were on the last level where it was a gauntlet of a level where they had to go against a bunch of mini-boss level enemies like MG gunners, flamethrowers, and commanders. Oh and if they died, they had to start over again. It was funny seeing both him and Joe slamming the desk in frustration.
Angry Joe: I don’t want to play this disaster anymore!
Yt/n: I got something to make this interesting…
I see Yt/n get up from his gaming chair and to the fridge in the back of his webcam and brings out two glasses and a bottle of what I assumed was alcohol and filled them both with alcohol.
Yt/n: Joe and chat, what we’re going to do now impromptu is a drinking game. Every time when either me or Joe dies, we take an entire glass of alcohol, in the wake that we will be too dru
:iconpopdood:popdood 25 6
AoT x M Reader on BlazBlue Susanoo Unit Prologue
Prologue: Time and Mortality Severed
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(SU/N) = Your name as know when using the Susanoo unit
“Are you ready to be reaped from the chains of time and mortality” As I heard those words from a soft voice I keep my  eyes in the Susanoo unit while answering: “Ahh, I’ve prepared my mind and soul for such day”, then the soft voice whispered me: “Then plead that you will be committed to your mission of purging the sins of mankind”, as soon as she finished saying those words the Susanoo unit spoke to me: “be the wisdom, be the timeless, be the truth, become the instrument who’ll pass judgment to the sins of mankind and bring the redemption through the purifying flames”, suddenly the armor dematerialized in a lighting who proceed to strike me, the sensation of having every part of the body being burned  was unbearable as my view turned white and my consciousness drifted.
Suddenly I started t
:iconlarnkarn:Larnkarn 5 2



break dancer
boots made of steel and is resistent to fire to avoid being melt and a a double barrel shotgun for heels and a hidden knife in the front part
The Decaying
a scythe with a grimm skull, because of the grimm skull it give a special effect that any grimm it touches decay quickly
as well as the bullets it shoots has the same effect able to shoot rapidly at a range of 5000 meters because of constant moding and testing
a greatsword infused with fire and lighting has a devistatinng blow and may look heavy but it has the same wieght as creasent rose
strong defense gauntlets with sharp bone claws good for speed type fighters
Merry chrismas guys and gal for in midnight its chrismas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁


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