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Mature content
A Knight in a White Shirt (Rias X Mreader) :icondragonslayerman6:dragonslayerman6 38 30
For RWBY (KenseiReaderXRWBY)
Meh.... I guess I'm back. But this is going to be a pretty short series, maybe 3-4 parts long.
Story Time
Team RWBY and JNPR are being sent deep in the mountains of Vale for there had been some strange White Fang activity up there and it had been quiet for some time now. As they reached their destination they noticed the huge Japanese like structures that had littered the mountain sides.
Ruby: “What is this place?”
Ms. Goodwitch: “This is the ancient and forgotten city of Myre. The city of the Last Samurai.”
Jaune: “Where did they all go?”
Ms. Goodwitch: “In the stories it said that they were all wiped out by neighboring factions, the Knights, and Vikings, that caved in and then wiped out as well.”
Pyrrha: “The real question is, why are the White Fang so interested in this place?”
Ms. Goodwitch: “They didn’t call it the city of the Last Samurai for no reason.”
Weiss: “So one is still a
:icondrkaboom2:DrKaboom2 20 9
Male!Reader x Haruhi Fujioka - Chapter 1

Unlike some of the other fics with our reverse trap, this is one where you DON’T figure out immediately that Haruhi’s a girl.
Male!Reader x Haruhi Fujioka: Foreign Love - Chapter 1
Third Person POV
F/N/Finn: Host Club?!
Tamaki: Yes, the Host Club. It is where Ouran’s prettiest boys are gathered to serve as butlers for the female students and there are types that we all have. I am the princely type and—
Finn: Stop before I lose my voice on the laughter for how stupid that sounds.
F/N: That and I am sure Finn and I don’t want to join your club.
Finn: True that.
Haruhi: You’re going to end up joining F/N and Finn. Tamaki always finds a way on how to do it. Might as well get it over with.
You thought that Haruhi had offered a good point. With Tamaki’s five year old attitude and the fact that he was now crying in a corner due to Finn’s remark, you pulled Finn aside to talk to him in private
:iconpopdood:popdood 23 7
CH.XII Trauma
Chapter 13 & 14 Tease at End...
" " = Speaking
' ' = Thinking
(A/u) = Author
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(Y/n) = First Name
(F/n) = Fake Name or Nickname
Outfit: (f/c) Twill work long sleeve button down shirt from le3no, with some (f/c) Fjallraven abisko lite trekking trousers, and a pair of (f/c) 'Autumn Mashup' boots.
~~~(Y/n)'s Dorm, Midnight~~~
{Y/n's Pov}
I couldn't sleep so I let Matoi sleep in my bed tonight. I go to my closet to pull out a box that has files and start to look through all of them "...Despair files, Godrobes files, Ghoul files, Teigu it is, Maiden files" I pull it out and sit at my desk, and scan through till I reach the Fall Maiden.
"The power of the Maidens is independent of Dust-use and distinct from a Semblance, drawing comparisons to "magic". It is, however, tied to each Maiden's Aura in some way....ability to l
:iconbloodroses44:Bloodroses44 12 7
Male!Pharaoh!Reader x RWBY - Prologue

From what I saw, there aren’t enough fics with the reader being somehow related to Jaune, so I decided to give the clumsy knight to become the vessel for the Nameless Pharaoh...or you in this instance. Should I make this fic a harem?
Male!Pharaoh!Reader x RWBY: A Game of Love - Prologue
Third Person POV
Jaune: It’s so hot!
In the desert lands of Vacuo, teams RWBY and JNPR, alongside Professor Oobleck, traveled to see the pyramids to learn of the ancient history of the Ancient Vacuo and of the history of their warriors. Eventually, they had reached the base of the main pyramid that housed the mummified Pharaoh, so they decided to all take a break and hydrate themselves.
Pyrrha: Well, it certainly wasn’t going to be cold.
Ruby: Yeah Jaune, you should’ve prepared yourself a bit better.
Jaune: I know…
Jaune took out a necklace that had a blue crystal on it that was held together by a black string with silve
:iconpopdood:popdood 25 30
Highschool DxD: Kalawarner x MReader - Chapter 1
Hello guys. Chapter 1 of my new story, with a little preview of your sacred gear and what it does. This chapter will have a flashback as a way of telling what happened to you. I intend only to keep Kalawarner as your girlfriend, if there is some other secondary girl you would like to see, you can suggest her. Personally I was thinking about Yubelluna, Siris or Isabella, from Riser's peearage. But we'll see. And thanks to those who favourited the story and commented. As always feel free to comment if you enjoyed, you are free to leave suggestions and other stuff. Take care guys. :)
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Father's Name
(M/N) - Mother's Name
(F/C) - Favourite Colour
(FM/C) - Family Crest
Kuoh City, Japan
Everyone was gathered in the Occult Research Club around the small table in the middle of the room, while Akeno poured the tea in everyone’s cups
:iconfabiur:FabiuR 10 16
Strongest alive. Tatsumaki x Male! Reader pt 1
Hello anyone who might read this!
I have no idea why im writing this xD but i see that One Punch Man has almost NO Tatsumaki x Male reader inserts.
So if anyone could point me to any that they know of, then that'd be greatly appreciated! :D
()()()()(_)()()-4 months after boros-()()_*I()(*()()*)
Today was the day. The day of The famed Hero exams!!
You were psyched, to say the least.
"In line! The Hero qualification exams are beginning, The first eight hundred take your positions at the physical testing area,
The other nine hundred, Come with the men in the bright green shirts to the Written portion of the testing." Said an intercom.
'Cool...Physical evaluation.....YAY!' you thought in excitement
And those were the last few words of excitement that you uttered.
(Test results)
*Name: (F/N)
Age: 28
Height: 6'7
Eye color: Constantly changing
Hair color: (h/c)
Physical portion score:
Written portion score:
Final rank
Rank 18
:iconchozo277:Chozo277 25 15
High school DXD Reader x Ophis Final
High school DXD
Reader x Ophis
Welcome to the real world dragon god
After spending a rough night on the sofa in your flat. You awaken to the sound of snoring however unlike your usual loud snoring that you developed living alone, this snoring is quiet and to you strangely cute.
Listening to the snoring closely with her ears, you figure out out the cute noise is coming from your room where the dragon god made herself comfy last night. You could not believe you let her talk into letting her sleep in your bed, you never even let your friends sleep on you bed. Then again the way she looked at you with those cute black eyes and that cute yet stern tone of voice of her how could you not.
“Oh god I sound like I’m falling for her ha ha” You says to yourself as you rise up from your sofa before looking around your semi-clean living room in a wondering mind set. Sure Ophis had her cuteness about her but well you could not help but feel weird with such how young she looked
:iconthepokemontraveller:Thepokemontraveller 17 8
Male!Paladin!Reader x Midna - Chapter 1

So, old you is going to make an appearance and to not confuse myself, I’ll give him a name.
~17 years later~
Third Person POV
Among the luscious lands of Hyrule Field lies a traveler, dressed in light armor and on a black horse, traveling the vast landscape among the bright and sunny day, as he puts his hood up to shield his eyes from the sun. This traveler is you dear reader! You have  traversed all over Hyrule, learning magic as you went along the way and taking on the occasional odd job from people to earn yourself Rupees to purchase things like food for you and your horse. As you were traveling aimlessly, you took out a map from one of the satchels that were strapped on the horse.
F/N: Hmm, I think I should find some sort of housing in Castle Town. It’s getting pretty dark after all, but I’ve been here for only a couple of hours!
Going further down the path, your horse, (H/N), went wild and threw you off her back and ran a
:iconpopdood:popdood 28 6
You deserve better (Volume I Alternate Ending)

It was midnight, there was no sound to be heard nor any light to be seen, it was quite a peaceful night. In fact, some snow began to fall, making a remarkable contrast with the black night
After a nice meal cooked by Y/N himself, team RWBY and their friend were sleeping like babies, well...Some of them. Y/N woke up by a sound in the room.
He moved his gaze towards the source of the noise only to see a white figure leaving the dorm
Y/N: Weiss...?- He weakly mumbled 
The young man grabbed some clothes and left the dorm, he kept wondering through the halls where his friend might have gone to until someone tapped on his shoulder lightly, making him jump back in surprise, but it was none other than his Faunus teammate 
Blake: Quiet!, you're going to wake up somebody!-He calmed down when he remembered the time
Y/N: Right, sorry...What are you doing up this late?
Blake: I was going to ask you the same- He laughed nervous
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 12 14
Mature content
Weiss x Male Reader: Stone Cold (1/2) :iconelementalcraft-dark:ElementalCraft-Dark 16 12
Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader (Volume I) Finale

No more running away (2/2)
Their blades collided again and again with no clear winner. It was until Y/N jumped back and then charged at her swinging upwards that he gained the upper hand, breaking her guard as well as her weapon and tackling her back to the wall with his blade near her throat and acting fiercely
Ursa: C-Come on, finish it!- He screamed in a rough voice tone and threw a punch that missed on purpose but destroying part of the glass wall in front of them and making a bloody mess out of his knuckles... Literally
He stood there tiredly looking down as he breathed heavily and then sternly turned his gaze towards her saying:
Y/N: I'm. No. Murderer- She sighed in annoyance and took out something from her arsenal
Ursa: Maybe this will change up your mind- She threw a grenade into the room and began to laugh maniacally. He quickly looked back and shout
Y/N: YOU FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!!-He tackled her and broke the entire glass wall as
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 16 11
Yang Xiao Long x Male Reader (Volume I) ch. 11

No more Running away (1/2)
"Don't you ever feel sad
Lean on me when times are bad
When the day comes and you're down
In a river of trouble and about to drown "
What...What the hell?
Just hold on, I'm comin'
The sound of a certain melody playing on his scroll woke up Y/N, who grabbed it and deactivated what seemed to be an alarm he had set up a while ago.
Y/N: I didn't know I even had this song. Anyway, better keep moving or-
He stopped talking when he found himself in the same room he was in before, but something was different: The boxes were not in the same place and the train wasn't moving, there wasn't even a light. It seemed like it stopped suddenly.
He stood up and grabbed his sword before stretching and leaving the room. He moved from wagon to wagon searching for anyone or any clue that helped him. A lot of the rooms were really dark, so he had to turn on his sword to light u
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 12 4
Male!Timaeus!Reader x Pyrrha Nikos - Chapter 1

Been a long time since I updated this story and also introducing the extra deck using the legendary knights and starting off with one of Critias’s fusion monsters; Mirror Force Dragon.
RWBY: Waking the Dragons - Chapter 1
Ruby had insisted that I see how she does at combat because of my position, so I decided to go with it because I also wanted to see how my little rosebud does and because I know who they are fighting against.
Ruby: Don’t worry bro! I know how to fight and you’ll be impressed!
F/N: *smiles* I’d love to see how you fight rosebud.
We then walk into the classroom and out of the corner of my one good eye; I see Ebon and Glynda conversing with one another. Seems as though they went shopping as Ebon now had a new set of attire that seemed to be a male version of what his wife only something that was more eye-catching or what people called ‘fan service’ to the women as he wore ti
:iconpopdood:popdood 22 6
Mina Ashido x Male reader (2/2)
MAxM {2→2}
"Been a while hasn't it (Y/n)?" Said Mina.
"Y-Y-You're Pinky?" Said (Y/n) with a surprised expression on his face, madly blushing.
"I'm the one!" She said in a proud tone.
For the longest time, (Y/n) had a crush on Mina since junior high. There was something about her that made her way different. It wasn't for the fact that she was an alien, but because of personality. She was way cheerful than the girls from his class. Mina was quite the energetic one from the class he had her in. When he was lucky, he would use the chance to talk to her for at least a minute or two.
Then came the finals. After everyone finished with their tests, the teacher was curious of which student would be interested in applying for the U.A hero academy. The majority of the class raised their hands, including Mina herself. This shook (Y/n) tremendously. His dream for someday having a happy life with Mina shattered to pieces. He was just a normal human, a being who was never born with any
:iconblackops3596:Blackops3596 18 6
RWBY Team Template :icondeathbonedragon666:DeathBoneDragon666 7 0



break dancer
boots made of steel and is resistent to fire to avoid being melt and a a double barrel shotgun for heels and a hidden knife in the front part
The Decaying
a scythe with a grimm skull, because of the grimm skull it give a special effect that any grimm it touches decay quickly
as well as the bullets it shoots has the same effect able to shoot rapidly at a range of 5000 meters because of constant moding and testing
a greatsword infused with fire and lighting has a devistatinng blow and may look heavy but it has the same wieght as creasent rose
strong defense gauntlets with sharp bone claws good for speed type fighters
Artificial Grimmclaw
a gountlet with floating magnetic fingers, with just a swipe the fingers fly towards target 
as well as a close quarter combat
Merry chrismas guys and gal for in midnight its chrismas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁


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